Thursday, February 17, 2005

Even suicide won't help you!

Remember all those
murderers who commit suicide in order to escape punishment? You go out and kill someone, if you do get caught you just end your devious life and save yourself all the trouble of having a sexual relationship with your 230 pound sellmate Jose and not being able to drop the soap in the bathroom, cause your ass is the most valuable asset in the west wing at the moment.

Well now, those sissy tactics may work in most judicial cases, but nothing gets away from RIAA. Some time ago RIAA sued an 83 old dead granny for copyright infrigment:

Lawyers representing several record companies have filed suit against an 83 year-old woman who died in December, claiming that she made more than 700 songs available on the internet.

The mere fact that they received a copy of the offender's death certificate from her daughter didn't even make them twitch. I mean they can't show mercy just because the woman's dead! Next thing you know they'll start leaving 12-year-old girls get away with it too.

So if your master plan is to infringe copyright laws and escape justice by taking your own life give it up. I just feel relieved virgin marry never had access to illegal mp3s. It sickness me to think what ways RIAA would use to get to her.


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