Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fuck me sideways...

But don't call me a nerd.

That is, or rather it should be the new motto of the cybersex community which feels more than happy to welcome
the sinulator. I know the name sounds nice, but the device itself is nothing more than an internet-form controlled dildo.

Yup, it's a fake cock you can control through the internet and there's even
a demo control panel for it. But if you're a guy and not gay don't despair, there's a fake pussy too. Not only that, there are fake egg vibrators and heavy duty 12 volt batteries (prolly for some special sado-mazo kinks).

Not only that, Pervert incorporated has come up with the idea to share your unique experiences with a real live cybersex partner. The idea in short is, the harder you fuck your toy, the harder your partner's toy fucks its master.

Nice huh?
I have the feeling I'll one day be a great fan of Perv inc, but for now I reserve the right to talk smack about them all I want.


At 18/2/05 12:01 PM, Anonymous Greg said...

That's a potential goldmine, you know.


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