Friday, February 11, 2005

My first blog entry

So I’ve got a blog, eh?

The sad part is I’m feelin’ disoriented and confused. Even worst, I’m incoherent about what I wanna post on my first ever blog entry, so it looks like I’m not gonna post anything useful, funny or interesting. I’m just gonna do:

echo "Hello World!"

Bye for now and look out “world”!


At 11/2/05 3:44 PM, Blogger N said...

Oh, go on, keep it up for a while.

At 11/2/05 10:55 PM, Blogger flipthedolphin said...

Woah...this is nice man!
Keep this shit up! I'm here to help ya!

By the those crap links you sent me on ICQ ;)


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