Sunday, February 13, 2005

Only fun here.

I have to say, the blog is working out not exactly to my expectations, but even though it's taking a different path than I foresaw, I'm pleased with it.

No, I haven't lost my mind. The thing is, this was supposed to be a post on animal cruelty. I dug up quite a few links on animal mistreatment and even found some pretty scary facts about how the way these animals are handled leads to serious problems with the consumers (the whole animal kingdom even; bare in mind we also live in that kingdom).

But I deleted the post. The same fate fell upon a couple of its predecessors for the same reason - those kind of posts inform you about some serious issue, but they crap up your day, without giving you the chance to do something about it (because you can't or it takes too much effort/money/time to do it). And if there is something you could do, chances are you're already doing it.

No one goes to a blog to read how some loonies committed mass suicide, or how the food you eat kills you day by day. People go to blogs to read how dolphins perform gang rapes and incest or about a gay polar bear couple fighting. That's why I'll try to keep this blog relatively clean and confine most of it's content to humor and all its derivatives.

But even after all my lectures I feel compelled to post this link, because in this case, there is something you can do. So go and watch The Meatrix, the video is pretty funny considering the concept behind it anyway.


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