Saturday, February 12, 2005

wtf is going on...

I know the register always adds a twist of humour when dealing with trivial and down right absurd matters (when more substantial news are scarce), but what will people think when reading about artificial chromosomes, without any initial presumptions about the humour on this page? Maybe something in the lines of "Gee, what racist jerks". Or they could even post something like this on their blog:

People are paranoid and insecure, not to mention illiterate. As explained in
humpin' robots, humanity is near extinction. Of course these claims have rock-solid proof to back them up. Just look what happened in I, Robot:

Robots will have their own personalities and emotion and - as films like I Robot warn - that could be very dangerous for humanity

And that's not all, the revolt is already happening, just read about teenager gets her finger stuck and toilet door won't open. How can you argue with these indisputable facts - the robot siege is on it's way!

On a related story, I did get a good laugh out of Microsoft's search for uneducated lawyears. Not that I've ever doubted Microsoft's, as it seems, purposeful and unflinching stupidity, but mixed in with some good ol' monopolistic greed the situation gets ugly. Here's just a part of the things the Ms people tried to patent:

Other recent filings include attempting to patent the "y-axis", the "IS NOT" operator in Basic, interactive test feedback, and reading ahead 20 records at a time in a database,when the user clicks the Previous or Next buttons.

And if you're not puking with disgust by now, you're probably shiting your pants laughing. Whichever it may be, my goal has been accomplished - getting you to cover yourself with your own puke/faeces. Smile, you've just been NoDuded!


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