Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How to make a profit

I like this guy's strategy. He got himself a big-titted, round-assed girl and a couple of poorie, second hand computer parts, that he even says, doesn't know for a fact they are functional, but wants to sell anyway.

You may not see the connection, but sex my friend sells everything and this chick isn't showing off her bombshells and halfmoons for nothing.

This guy is gonna go far if he's into marketing (or porn), but come to think about it I don't like him. I only like the girl in the photos, she looks nice and wholesome; someone I can introduce to my mom.


At 16/3/05 11:21 PM, Blogger flipthedolphin said...

well...price is reasonable...
maybe he'll sell something.

Anyway "Anna" is cool :)


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