Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Racism at its funniest

Here's a quote I dug up from bash.org. It's funny as hell, I'll read it a couple of more times when I post it:
[RvLeshrac] [Terrorists] Shit, maybe we shouldn't take hostages from countries whose people are more insane than us.
[RvLeshrac] [China] You give back hostages, or we kill all muslim.
[NegaDuk] i think if they piss off china too much, they'll find that china, the US, and britain will turn the middle east into a big walmart parking lot
[RvLeshrac] [China] We use nuke. What we care you nuke us? We have billion more people.
[NegaDuk] [China] nuke beijing. we tried sars. it no work
[RvLeshrac] [China] We stop birth restriction, we make billion more. Three day.
[NegaDuk] i think china's just being antisocial so someone will thin their population
[RvLeshrac] Seriously.
[RvLeshrac] China's answer to anything should be "We stop birth restrictions"
[RvLeshrac] [US] Stop flooding our markets with cheap goods, or we stop selling you soybeans. [China] We stop birth restriction! [US] Fuck. OK, OK! You can have the damned soybeans!
[RvLeshrac] I bet that was the real reason Clinton gave them our satellite codes.
[RvLeshrac] [China] You give us code, or we flood world with chinese!
[RvLeshrac] [China] All your shirt shrink up like penis in arctic.
[NightStar] damn those bad chinese laundry places
[RvLeshrac] [China] You never get decent haircut. You explain to women why no manicure.
[RvLeshrac] [China] We own you like Hong Kong.
You can vote for it at its source.


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