Sunday, April 24, 2005

"Respect, bro!" - roflmao

Ever been to Europe? More specifically eastern Europe. There are stories abot "well dressed businessmen" from time to time, but nothing beats the story I just read on the dailywtf forum, it's beyond hilarios, it's on a himour level of it's own!

So we were on that project in Wroclaw. Our client invited us for a dinner to LaScala restaurant on the town sqare. The restaurant was quite calm and quiet, but, as it sometimes happens, at the nearby table there was sitting a bunch of gentlemen, you know, with wide necks and lots of gold chains. They were using their mobile phones a lot, telling things like That guy on the truck is one of us or Take the BMW and drive it to Siergiej.

Our guys tryed to talk calmly and not to get their attention. Suddenly there is a phone call to Matt, somebody has some problems with a daemon on a production server, and Matt says: If you can't do it the other way, just kill him.

After the call, one of the genlemen turns around, looks at our guy, and says: Respect, bro!

source: thedailywtf


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