Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Elftor - the comics

I found an old post on a forum I visit somewhat regularly and it just struck me. I haven't posted about the Elftor comics on my blog yet. Visit this and this comic strips, if you're not hooked after reading them, you prolly have no business on the site whatsoever.


At 30/6/05 9:03 PM, Anonymous flipthedolphin said...


It's crazy! and I like it! I think I have some kind of mental disease...

At 30/6/05 9:47 PM, Blogger NoDude! said...

Yes, yes you do! Now hand me the pills please...

At 2/7/05 3:48 AM, Blogger toxicgreen said...

Znam za elftor otkakto sushtestvuva, no prosto iskam da te pozdravq za strahotniq blog! You rock man! :))))

At 2/7/05 8:38 AM, Blogger NoDude! said...

Holy mother of Jesus, someone besides the people I spam on icq read my blog!!! W00t!

I really enjoy comments on the blog dude, but I gotta ask you to write in english when you're posting something over here, so my friends (Nicco) who don't speak bulgarian won't feel left out.

P.S. Btw, something's wrong with your mindrust blog, I wanted to read a couple of articles from your profile and the damn server just kept throwing a 404 at me.


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