Thursday, July 14, 2005

Laurie Lipton

I found a site that belongs, in my humble opinion, to a very disturbed person. Her name is Laurie Lipton and to say her works are creepy is to put it mildly.

I had to add this picture. It's titled Last Night I Dreamt that I Murdered Mommy - (1980)


At 1/6/06 9:27 AM, Anonymous Laurie lipton said...

I am not "an extremely disturbed person", but a nice, middle-class girl on an extremely disturbed planet brought-up by terribly strange Earthlings. Look to yourself before casting aspersions.
Laurie Lipton xx

At 2/6/06 9:33 PM, Blogger NoDude! said...

As you know first impressions can be deceiving Laurie.

As a person who has never before encountered such works of art, I was shocked (to say the least) seeing those grotesque images of otherwise normal situations. Now, about an year later, I find them somewhat different and refreshing (still creepy, but not in a hideous way).

Maybe I've grown out of the stage of my life, where things like this can faze me. Or maybe, after looking at your art again, I can get past the stage where I see pain and death as the bulletpoint of the drawings and realize how absurdly fitting some of the drawings are in situations I, myself have witnessed and have been part of.

No matter what however, I would like to apologize for judging you so harshly and unjustified. You truly are a wonderful artist Laurie, I'm sorry for judging before thinking.


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